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With the demand of the cannabis market increasing yearly, savvy cannabis-centric advertisers want to spend their money wisely.

The management of CMN Holdings, Inc. has over 30 years’ experience in managing advertising from some of the top advertising agencies in main stream media. With the crossover to the cannabis market, our vast industry knowledge can be put to work for you. Reaching your target audience directly in doctors’ offices' waiting rooms. Whether you need to build your brand, establish yourself as a thought leader or make meaningful connections, align your business with the most powerful digital network in the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Medical Network (CMN) is the only place-based digital signage TV network programmed exclusively for compassionate care doctors’ offices prescribing medical cannabis. CMN content is produced to educate, inform and entertain with the result being to reduce the viewers perceived wait time while simultaneously increasing medical compliance.

Still wondering why you should advertise with us?

Top 5 Reasons that you should be advertising with CMN

Having built and managed medical waiting room networks for over 35 years, our management feels that CMN is by far the most compelling network we’ve ever launched, and the most compelling way for you to reach potential customers in the cannabis medical space. But just in case you’re still wondering why you should advertise with us, here are our "Top 5" reasons: 

1. BECAUSE…You recognize that advertising in the cannabis space is complicated.  Aside from print media, there is really no venue or vehicle by which to legally advertise cannabis products to patients or consumers, except CMN. Social media especially restricts what can be displayed or written in cannabis product advertisements. This is not the case with CMN. Our programming and your advertisement are viewed in the safe harbor of a cannabis-recommending doctor's office, where there are no legal restrictions on messaging.  You will be able to communicate with your potential customers clearly, directly, and without limits. 

2. BECAUSE…You want to focus on reaching potential customers.  Cannabis patients visiting cannabis-recommending doctors are the best captive audience you can get. Every single person who enters a cannabis-recommending physician’s office is a potential customer for a cannabis or other medical product. Many of these patients are first-time cannabis customers. Think about that for a minute. These individuals are a clean slate and have no brand preference before they see your advertisement. It really doesn’t get any better than that for brands who are looking to make an impression where it matters most.

 3. BECAUSE…You embrace the power of a perceived recommendation.  When a patient sees an advertiser's message at a specialty doctor’s office, they’re likely to connect that experience to a general endorsement from their doctor. In the advertising world, this is called a perceived recommendation. We’ve seen perceived recommendations have significant power for advertisers in CMN’s previous medical networks. Cannabis consumers will likely be more interested in solutions that are backed by their doctor’s recommendation. Decisions to purchase a cannabis product will always carry extra weight when consumers can connect that cannabis product to information they received in their doctor’s office.

4. BECAUSE… You want brand recognition, loyal customers, and repeat business.  Part of the movement to legalize medical cannabis across states within the nation is to deter people from purchasing from the black market. Legalization presents an opportunity for advertisers to capitalize on those who are electing to visit a cannabis-recommending doctor and purchase their products legally, becoming full participants of the legal market. This is your opportunity to tell them who you are, what you have to offer, and most importantly, why they should consider purchasing your product. Take advantage of this first opportunity to build brand loyalty before patients are exposed to other products that may get their attention. Use engaging and informative advertising on our network to show cannabis consumers why your product is so superior that the medical cannabis community has embraced it within their offices. 

5. BECAUSE…You want to see a return on investment.   We have personally met a great many business owners and operators at the various cannabis trade shows held throughout the year.  Think about the cost of just one trade show. I know how much it costs as a regular attendee and as a high level sponsor at most of these events. Now, consider your best achieved ROI from last year. What was it? Is it enough to justify the expense? Now consider the following—imagine if your trade show experience was instead a line of 1000 brand new cannabis patients eagerly listening to your absolute best 15, 30, or 60 second pitch, and then going directly to the point of sale with the explicit intention of buying product.




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