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Cannabis Advertising Made Easier with Cannabis Medical Network

Getting information about new products to the medical cannabis community has been a sticky wicket since the legalization of medical marijuana first cropped up in the USA in 1996. Simply, regulations and rules around medical cannabis advertising make it virtually impossible to bring visibility to medical cannabis products through traditional channels, causing cannabis advertising to somewhat crawl into the shadows.

Cannabis Medical Network is ready to help cannabis brands with their advertising in ways that many other networks can’t offer: by placing information about your product right in front of the eyes of the customer.

Our video content is specially curated to highlight the uses of medical cannabis and how it affects the mind and body. With the support of cannabis advertisers, we bring the cannabis experience from hypothetical to real, by showing users directly how to use their cannabis.

Here are three major ways that Cannabis Medical Network works with cannabis brands to help them with their cannabis advertising:

Information About Medical Conditions

Cannabis Medical Network uses display media, video, photography, and the spoken word to discuss the WHY behind medical cannabis. By exploring issues like HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy relief, pain management, insomnia, sleep apnea and other common medical issues, patients are given the background for the reasons there’s been such a swell in prescribing medical cannabis.

What’s more, is that when patients are learning about medical conditions, they’re shown various medical cannabis products via cannabis advertising, that could be used within their cannabis therapies. Patients can make the connection between medicine and cannabis products through our medical-focused programming, within the context of a clinical setting.

Practical Uses for Medical Cannabis

Part of cannabis advertising is giving the patient the opportunity to see cannabis being used in a variety of ways so as to witness the versatility in consumption.

Our cannabis chef Jacko the Barbarian uses the magic of elevated edibles to show patients how they can add cannabis to their everyday meals, bringing dosing to a science, and encouraging creativity in medical cannabis consumption.

CannaSpa’s Katie Grey shows how powerful cannabis can be used when it’s applied topically, bringing health, beauty, and wellness under one impactful umbrella. By using cannabis oils, and cannabis tinctures, the viewer is empowered to make their own DIY products involving the cannabis products that are advertised through the programming.

Doctors’ Recommendations are Narrowed Down

Cannabis Medical Network curates content and advertisers that are specific to each doctor’s office, with products that have been vetted both by Cannabis Medical Network, and approved as an advertised product within the cannabis doctor’s office.

With the wide variety of products on the market presented to patients who are using cannabis therapy, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to find a cannabis product for a specific purpose. Cannabis advertising that has been curated to the medical cannabis setting helps narrow down the variety of products on the market to the ones a doctor deems as most useful to their patients. By displaying cannabis advertising for medical cannabis, patients can see the connection between using cannabis for medical purposes and the products and methods of consumption that will complete their therapy.

Cannabis Medical Network is Ready to Advertise

Cannabis Medical Network’s presence in cannabis doctor’s offices and medical dispensaries is a win-win-win for cannabis doctors, cannabis patients, and cannabis advertisers alike. We partner together in the name of advancing knowledge and education on medical cannabis, therefore strengthening the patient’s experience and helping the patient by supporting their journey with strong product recommendations.

Connect with Cannabis Medical Network today to discuss how you can advertise your cannabis product directly to the medical cannabis community through our patient education and display media programming.

About the Author

Phil Cohen

Philip M. Cohen is CEO of CMN Holdings, Inc. and their subsidiaries, Cannabis Medical Network, a digital media network airing in cannabis doctors waiting rooms and Cannabis Lifestyle Network, airing in dispensary waiting rooms. Phil has operated a dozen ad supported digital signage networks in doctor offices and at retail since 1985 and is a past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.