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Cannabis Infused Recipes from CLN’s Jacko the Barbarian

Jacko the Barbarian is a colorful addition to the CLN programming, bringing cannabis infusions to some of the most delicious recipes that contain cannabis.

Spring is here, and it’s BBQ season, a time to spice up your food, what you cook, and when exploring medical cannabis, a way to get the excellent effects of medical cannabis through what you eat.

Here are some of what’s on Jacko the Barbarian’s menu that you can integrate into your cannabis-infused spring BBQ:

Motivation Pizza on the Grill

While this may not be your typical recipe to toss on a BBQ, you may be surprised at how delicious Motivation Pizza is when Jacko the Barbarian shows you how to do it right.

It’ll motivate you to get out, get out of the normal and do something different.

It’s all about THC oil in your pesto sauce along with incredibly delicious ingredients like king crab. Jacko shows you how to make this “bad boy” motivation pizza here.

Stoned Man Chili Cheese Fries

Say no more, right? Bring some deliciousness and fun with Jacko’s recipe for Stoned Man Chili Cheese Fries, “Barbarian style”.

Transylvanian pork, sweet, spice, garlic, onion… and of course some THC.

Check out Jacko’s recipe that heats up the kitchen, and heats up the stomachs of those who like a little spice, and infusion in their food. Check out the recipe here.

Sativa Carbonara Side Dish

Take a dab with Jacko before you get into the recipe for Sativa Carbonara. Using the most incredible ingredients from Tuscany, rigatoni, Asiago, and of course, the magic ingredient, Jacko shows you how to match ultimate flavor with the energizing effects of Sativa strains of cannabis.

Do it up right and learn some really interesting things about Italian elevated cooking here.

The Stoned Pearl

It’s back to the grill with The Stoned Pearl for those who want to combine flavor, the gifts of the sea, and THC. Yes, the Stoned Pearl is a cannabis-infused recipe for lobster that you’ll cook on your BBQ.

Jacko will show you how to cut your lobster (“We’re barbarians, but we’re humane”) and make all the crucial ingredients for elevated lobster in his short video here.

Hungry Yet?

This is only an example of some of the incredible programming cropping up in cannabis dispensaries and doctor’s offices across the country. Entertain your customer and patients, while showing them incredible ways to use cannabis.

Connect with CMN Holdings today to discuss how you can get Jacko the Barbarian, and all the other incredible programming available through CLN in your dispensary or doctor’s office.

Philip M. Cohen is CEO of CMN Holdings, Inc. and their subsidiaries, Cannabis Medical Network, a digital media network airing in cannabis doctors waiting rooms and Cannabis Lifestyle Network, airing in dispensary waiting rooms. Phil has operated a dozen ad supported digital signage networks in doctor offices and at retail since 1985 and is a past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.